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Sobriety Living Facility


We offer a comfortable, clean, safe, and structured recovery environment for people who have just started out their road to recovery.


Each resident has their own bed and space that will feel like home away from home. 


Our caring staff is here to assist you in your recovery journey.


Serenity House Monroe strives to make our facility a safe environment for you to grow in your recovery.


Serenity House Monroe is a 96 bed addiction treatment center for men. We are staffed 24 hours a day and clients live at our facility. Each client is given at least 5 hours of counseling per week by licensed counselors. Clients are expected to be fully engaged in their own recovery and are required to complete daily chores in the facility.

Our treatment schedule is broken into a phase system. Phase one clients will spend the majority of their time at the facility. There they will be oriented to the rules of the facility, participate in group and individual counseling and complete assignments preparing them for phase two and three.

Phase two and three clients are allowed and encouraged to peruse a job or job training. They may, with approval, keep a vehicle at the facility. These clients may sign out of the facility to attend AA meetings, go to the store and enjoy leisure activities. They must return to the facility nightly and follow all the rules of the facility.

Friends on a Mountain
Two Men Fishing


We provide a structured environment with curfews and rules, including random drug and alcohol testing, that establishes a sober living environment. Residents will receive one on one and group counseling. We also offer assistance in obtaining a job or job training. Serenity House Monroe is the best place to assist you in the transition back to society. 

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